Bob Walters
Digital Media Production and Training

With a Social Conscience

Barham Film Workshop
For the past two weeks, we all have been learning how to make fantastic films. Before we could do some filming we had to research on the internet to find experts on Saftey and Health. We had to learn how to operate the camera and the boom, and then we interviewed our experts on camera. We all edited the film together and it was amazing and a fantastic film. We all had a wonderful time together!

Barham Primary School

The Barham film is about how great Barham primary school is. We interviewed the Head teacher(Ms.Giles) to find out what she would like to improve about her school. We also interviewed  parents and pupils to find out what they think about the school and their point of view.
We wanted to know how to stay Safe and Healthy. So we interviewed experts from Brent Council, Children and Families Information Service and Wembley Health and Care Centre. We found out about a healthy diet and the importance of staying fit. We spoke to Sarah from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust and Hussien from the Sudbury PSCO, about being safe on the internet or just going down to the park.
Barham Film Team
Barham Film Team are Himani, Akshay, Bavisha, Heli, Jenisha, Asala, Mitesh, Janelle, Paayal and Tyler.