Bob Walters
Digital Media Production and Training

With a Social Conscience

Conflict and Climate Change

A film made for the Movement for the Abolition of War looking at the possibility of more conflict as a result of Climate Change.
A video which the Ichthyosis Support Group win the National Lottery Award in the Health Category
A film celebrating the 60th annivesary, at Westminster Abbey with the Archbishop of Canterbury

Revolving Doors

Films made on a training course in Wolverhampton about chaos and crisis, produced by people who have been through it.

Our First Brazilian Adventure

Videos produced on a recent trip to Brazil, working with young people from Acaia a remarkable organisation who thought it was perfectly normal to bring some film makers over from London to work with them for a month.
Volunteering England funded projects enabling more people with disbilities to volunteer these are the films we made about it. Revolving Doors Service Users had paid video work on this production.
PACT support people through the critical first 12 weeks after being released from prison, this film tells that story. PACT service users worked on this production.
PACT is a member of CSAN and featured in one of four films we made, which the range and diversity of the people who are supported by CSAN member organisation, Revolving Doors Service Users worked on this production.
Working with students from Acaia we made 3 films about the problems effecting the favellas supported by the school. The students making the films live in this community and will be effect by any changes to their living conditions. The films were shown in in the community to start a discussion in public about what may happen in the future.
A CBC Media award winning production available on DVD                      

Queens Park Community School

The movies made by students at a film making summer school. 

The Lexi a different kind of cinema

A local cinema in Kensal Rise run as a Social Enterprise

A Positive Image for Youths

Young people don't have a good image we set out to change that

The movies made by students at a film making summer school.
Made by very young people looking at being safe and staying health
A look at the school by its students

Pilgrimage to Lourdes

The movies made on a recent pilgrimage to Lourdes
CBC Media award winning production
The visit of Pope Benedict XVI to London in 2010