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With a Social Conscience

   RCDOW Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2010  CBC Media award winning production!

Day One Lourdes 2010 

The Diocese of Westminster pilgrimage to Lourdes is a major undertaking; each year 1000 pilgrims make the journey. 200 of them are helped around in wheelchairs by young volunteers called redcaps. Up to 40 need 24 hour care and stay in a hospital in the town but attend every major event during the week

Day Two Lourdes 2010

One of the highlights of the week is the candle lit procession, starting at dusk and finishing in complete darkness. It is not only a very spiritual time but great for a sense of a shared experience with other pilgrims. 


Day Three Lourdes 2010

We shot a movie every day and posted it on the diocese website, this help people back home keep in contact and it was great to see someone you knew. It did mean some late nights but they were compensated for by very warm and encouraging comments from pilgrims, it seems that not only people in wheel chairs are accepted, cameramen are too!


Day Four Lourdes 2010

The single thing that is most striking, having spent a week at Lourdes, is how the people who are most often marginalised back home a given pride of place in Lourdes. Wheelchairs are not just accepted they are front and centre, right in the heart of everything not at all forgotten.

Day Five Lourdes 2010

Some of the settings are just spectacular, the trip up the mountain, to the mass in the forest was memorable. The logistics of what goes on in the background to get 1000 up a mountain 200 in wheelchairs is amazing. No wonder they have already started planning next years trip!


Archbishop Vincent Nichols  

We managed to get an interview with Archbishop Vincent Nichols away from London and he was very relaxed.