Bob Walters
Digital Media Production and Training

With a Social Conscience

The movies made by students from Queens Park Community School.

Positive Youth Productions
As a group we learned how to make films and first we started to learn about how to use a camera and also how to record sounds with a boom. We had to research each film using the internet to find contacts to help us get in touch with people to interview. We then want to the youth centres and filmed us interviewing people there. Once we had enough footage we brought the camera back and started editing the material. We worked well together us a team. We passed on what we learn to each other.
We are proud of what we have achieved on this project and we really enjoyed it.
Ferehiwot Chekole   Megan Trace
Malichi James           Crystal Johnson
Reece Sutherland    Cerise Plummer

The Lexi a different kind of cinema

For the past two weeks, we have been planning, filming and editing two short films. One of the films we have made
during our two week course was produced for The Lexi Cinema. The Lexi is a local business like no other, and by watching the video you will be able to see why.

A Positive Image for Youths

Our film `A Positive Image For Youths’ really says what its about by itself, we worked hard on this film and we had the opportunity to meet very interesting people, such as Terry McNeil who works to get young people off the streets and Mark Prince the heavy weight boxer who has worked with young people to give something back to the community. They work with young people helping them to achieve some of their potential. Altogether the film tries to send out a more positive message that young people aren’t always the way they are represented in the media.