Bob Walters
Digital Media Production and Training

With a Social Conscience

Films produced about crisis and homelessness by people who have been through it, made during a film training course in Wolverhampton.
Members from Revolving doors National Service User Forum have made two videos with the help from Tina Braithwaite, Terry Murtagh and Bob Walters. We have also made a movie of the making of the two videos showing the team in action.
The Homelessness Video is a documentary about the issues of homelessness, with interviews from service users and staff from Revolving Doors and P3's homelessness hostel in Wolverhampton. We hope this video can be used to fight any misconceptions and prejudices people might have about the social issues of homelessness.
The other video is on the Criminal Justice System and multi-needs of service users. We have taken shots outside in the centre of Wolverhampton as well as at P3. We have interviewed and filmed service users from P3 and forum members from Revolving Doors Agency. We hope the video demonstrates that people who experience the Criminal Justice System can move on, and with a little help, can change their lives for the better.
The making of the movie has been compiled by service users, which gives a close up and  background view, of how we got on during the week of training in Wolverhampton at P3 homessness hostel. It shows we are not just forum members but a skilled camera crew capable of filming and producing a documentary on important social issues some of us have gone through.