Bob Walters
Digital Media Production and Training

With a Social Conscience

Digital Production and Training Services

We offer a complete production service from;developing ideas; planning the production; shooting; editing; post production; DVD production or online delivery.

  • We have a full range of equipment from hand held handicams to 3 broadcast camera live mixing and webcasts.
  • We run training on the Sony Z1, DSR 570 and Sony EX3
  • Editing on Adobe Premier Avid Media Composer or Final Cut on MAC laptops for editing on location. 
  • Training Productions are our speciality we train you as you shoot your first production, we take you through the whole process
  • Equipment hire, after training all of our equipment is available to hire for your productions.

Production | Training

Digital Media Production

We work closely with every customer to ensure that every they are fully involved in the production process.


Digital Media Training

We work with anyone who wants to improve their digital communications skills. Shooting and editing video, digitising it and uploading it to a website.


  Who do we work with?

Anyone who needs to communicate an idea

A vital part of the production process is the story telling skills, deciding what the story is, that any organisation wants to tell and working out what is the best way of telling it. Deciding who the key people are in the organisation and interviewing them sensitively are vital elements in the process. Finally deciding how to edit all this good stuff together to show the world how wonderful this organisation is, is shared by all the production team.