Bob Walters
Digital Media Production and Training

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Production and Training

Media Ink Digital Media Production Company
Bob set up and has run
Media Ink for over 14 years.
Producing DVD's interactive
CD's and websites for Large Multinational companies and small charities.

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bandpasbandpas Bob Walters Training     
Bob is an accredited 

bandpas BBC Video Trainer, working with 
young people in the UK and free plans subwoofer bandpassfree plans subwoofer bandpass

bandpasbandpas abroad helping them to explore the joy of working in a film crew

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Video Conversion Courses for Radio and Print Journalists

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Current Training Projects

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Revolving Doors

Films made on a training course in Wolverhampton about chaos and crisis, produced by people who have been through it.

BBC GOSH co-production

Video Dairies for Great Ormond Street Hospital

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Queens Park Community School

The movies made by students at a film making summer school

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Barham Primary School

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The movies made by students at a film making summer school.

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